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Skyler Kyle Topaz

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1 Skyler Kyle Topaz on Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:14 pm


Pronounciation: Skyler (sky-ler) Kyle (kile) Topaz (like the stone)
Face Claim: Hanna Beth

Wouldn't you like to Know?
Name: Skyler Kyle Topaz
Nicknames: Spazz, Sky, Kizi.
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Switzerland: Human

Mirrors reflect the soul
Personality: Skyler is very interested in helping others in any culture. She knows how to communicate in most of the languages in the world. She has intelligence, wit, and a believable oh-so-innocent look that can get her out of just about anything. She sticks up for anyone one or thing in trouble. Whether you be a cute little chipmunk or a crazed person who escaped from the loony bin. She’s always on your side. Even if she is not always right. I guess you could call her stubborn when it comes to something that she feels strongly about. She’s been in a lot of riots around the world. That’s what you get for moving a girl around too much! Not all of them turned out the way she wants but there is always next time! If it takes talking to the president to get her point across she will get in there and talk to him. Somehow.
Likes: Hair dye, Makeup, chocolate, cars, and motobikes.
Dislikes: Dark Chocolate, Getting beat, Getting hurt, living on her own, and Frogs.
Fears: Losing her family, big spiders, big snakes.
Dreams: The future can be the next second, day, or hour. She just lives everyday like its last.

In our Family Portrait...
Family members:
Karen Topaz- mother-
James Topaz- father-
Doom(James Jr.) Topaz- brother- annoying!
History: When Skyler was born her parents were the out of date hippies, she was raised on ice cream and bean bags. When her mother was expecting another baby her father joined the Marines. A few years later Skyler’s father earned the rank of a Colonel. And so they moved around from base to base. Her little brother became the ultimate child. Smart, cute, adorable, and Skyler was just the older child. She never minded much she was taught how to fight like a marine and she learned every form of martial arts she could. At age 15 she could drive so she drove to every riot she could. Whether it was to chain herself to a tree, building or whatever else. She was there. Within the first two months she knew all of the police force of the town and surrounding towns. So he father is on sick leave, his daughter being the “sick” one. They found a cute little town where her mother used to live and settled down. Forks, Washington. Her mother was raised in La Push, but they wanted to be in town. Just in case.

Dont hide your true colors
Your Name: Lexi
R.P experiance: 1 ½-ish years
Read the rules? Yes!

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2 Re: Skyler Kyle Topaz on Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:16 pm


Admin, Head of Edward House and honorary Esme & Bella member.
Admin, Head of Edward House and honorary Esme & Bella member.


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