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1 HiHi on Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:46 am

Hi, my name is Kimberley. I have crazy curly blonde hair and mossy green eyes. I am thin and have that atheletic look, but i pefer to wear Black. I love the color green, any shade, except puke green. I dont smile often, except when talking to Karsten and Kira, but thats a diffrent storie. I like speaking german, and speaking of german, I love the Greman hottie Bill Kaulitz. I love txting and other uselless stuff like that. I am usally (never) in a good mood. I pefer being random and its easy for me to make friends. I always have a face drawn on my left big toe and his name is King Billy-Bob-Joe-Bob. I love to drink orange juce. i like kicking people and cussing them out. I have a chrush in a guys left ear and am currently trying to figure out if his right ear is as cute as his left. I play the Bass Clarinet and my band teacher hates me. I call my principle Ms. BossyPants and say she has man hands. I am always in trouble. I love loud rock bands such as All Time Low and Tokio Hotel and Slipknot. Nice to meetya! Very Happy

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2 Re: HiHi on Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:04 am


Admin, Head of Edward House and honorary Esme & Bella member.
Admin, Head of Edward House and honorary Esme & Bella member.
Hi kim, how are you?


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3 Re: HiHi on Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:36 am


Admin, Head of Esme House and Honorary Edward & Bella Member.
Admin, Head of Esme House and Honorary Edward & Bella Member.
Hello kimberly sweetie! Im Rose Razz
nice to meet you, have fun! xx


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