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Delia Devenport

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1 Delia Devenport on Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:20 pm


Admin, Head of Edward House and honorary Esme & Bella member.
Admin, Head of Edward House and honorary Esme & Bella member.
Delia Mari Davenport

Pronounciation: De-lee-a Dav-en-port
Face Claim: (Emma Watson)

Wouldn't you like to Know?
Name: Delia Mari Davenport
Nicknames: none
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Switzerland: Human

Mirrors reflect the soul
Personality: Delia is quite outgoing she is the popular girl at school and she knows all about werewolfs and vampires. Since her mother was killed by a vampire and a werewolf saved Delia from the vampire. That was when she was fifteen. Delia has watched as her school was slowly populated by Vampires and she is the reason why no-one liked them expecially the cullens since there is something about them that Delia doesn't like at all. Delia loves werewolfs but hasn't seen one since one saved her since she has been told not to go look for them but she plans to find them one day, but she has no clue how close to her home they really are.(at least 50 words)
Likes: Werewolfs, forks, School, Meat, Com
Dislikes: Vampires, School, Stupid internet that doesn't work, veggies,
Fears: Vampires, (Thats it)
Dreams: To see a werewolf again, Become a Jornalist,color]

[color=cyan]In our Family Portrait...
Family members: Mum dead, Dad 40, works at hospital, Little brother 6. Cal
History: Look at personality XD
(your character family history, did anything interesting happen in thier lives? how did they end up here? etc)

Dont hide your true colors
Your Name: Cj
R.P experiance: A yearish
Read the rules? no, then do it!

You can rp now


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2 Re: Delia Devenport on Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:35 am


Admin, Head of Esme House and Honorary Edward & Bella Member.
Admin, Head of Esme House and Honorary Edward & Bella Member.
great CJ


you cant decide whom you're falling in love with

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